The Road to Perseverance

by Adriana Koliqi

The Problems of Rumpelstiltskin for the book Rump by Liesl Shurtliff (Problem/Solution)

Rumpelstiltskin started with an unfinished name, which was Rump. With a silly name like that, people would bully him saying that he's a "Butt" just because of his name. He felt INADEQUATE and unwanted. Then one day he found his mothers spinning wheel and wanted to keep it for memories of her. Sadly when Rump was born his mother passed so that is why he wanted to keep the spinning wheel. With curiosity Rump want to try it. Once he began, he noticed that something unusual was coming out of the spinning wheel when he put in straw. Gold.

Rumps main problem in the story was that he didn't know his full name. The first example of solving this problem was when he went to his aunts house to see if any history there would give him a hint of his name. With triumph, he found out that part of his name was Rumple. He found this out by eavesdropping his aunts when they were talking at night. The were talking about his mother and how she was in a rumple. Which was explained as trapped. Once Rump figured that he's sorta in a rumple because he's trapped in his own magic forever.

Another example is hen he found out the second part of his name on page 242 in Rump. He found out that the second part of it was siltskin, because he thought about who he was. He was in a rumle and he was a stilskin. A stilskin was explained as a deep magic that grows inside you. That's when rump knew with TRIUMPH,that Rumpelstiltskin was his name.

With perseverance and ambition Rumpelstiltskin found out his name with pride on what he does.

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Oscars Adversity within life- Spare parts (Description)

Oscar Vazquez is a high school student that attends that Carl Hayden school. Oscar was born in Mexico but when he was 12 he entered America illegally. That's Oscars first adversity was being an illegal immigrant. But, as he grew he knew that this was a bigger problem than what he thought it was.

When he joined ROTC club in high school he was determined to join the army. But when it came the time to moving up he was quickly kicked out for being an immigrant from mexico. Oscar was devastated and OVERWHELMED, but with being rejected he kept on moving on with life.

Joining the robotics club for Carl Hayden high school was his best choice on moving on. With him now in the club, and with his COMBATIVE personality, Oscar was determined to do the best he could. Oscar was a great leader and persevered through the tough times on building stinky. When they had a leek in the box that held the wires, Oscar stayed up at night with Lorenzo fixing all of the wires inside it. That show real perseverance. But another rode blocker for Oscar was when he went to the Niagara Falls with the team and they didn't know that they had to have some verification of being a citizen to enter. The police soon started to question them about the verification stuff and investigated. Soon enough they were in trial for three years, but finally it ended with no fees or charges.

Oscar was overwhelmed with many other adversities with being an immigrant to the united states, but he eventually got his citizen ship. So from now on he would be know as an American. But Oscar will never forget how hard it was when he was an immigrant.

If you made a cardboard arcade like Caine, would your life be changed like his?- Caine's Arcade (Cause/Effect)

Caine Monroy is 9 years old with a whole lot of AMBITION and started his own arcade. He didn't have much material to work with so he used his dads cardboard shipping boxes for auto parts to build it. Unfortunately Caine doesn't get many visitors because where he lives is poor and not as populated as Aurora is. But that didn't stop Caine from trying to get more customers.

One day a man named Nirvan Mullick came along to play Caines arcade. It made his day when he came. Then Nirvan came back another day when the arcade was closed and asked his dad if he could make a short film about the arcade. His dad said OK so him and Caines dad planed a huge surprise for Caine and invited as many people from LA to come down to play his arcade. When it all happened it inspired so many people to be AMBITIOUS just like Caine.

After the film was posted, Nirvan made Facebook accounts to campaign even more.Word got around and people were inspired to build there own cardboard games. So many people built there own mini arcade games or objects made out of cardboard.

As you can tell this not only inspired Caine but everyone around him. His one cause made everyone feel that they could build or make anything, if they just put their mind to it. With CONVICTION, that's what Caine did.

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Nadja on my way (Sequencing)

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Katniss vs Peta- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games (Compare/Contrast)

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