Terry Fox Medical Clinic

June 12 @ 2:00 p.m.

Jacquelynne Nguyen

Booking Appointments:

It is essential to know how to book appointments as patients arrive at the clinic everyday. This activity requires computer and communication skills. Secretaries need to be confident in themselves to provide an excellent customer service skill.

Scanning Patient Documents:

Working at any placement, requires the employee to know where everything is being placed. Having the basic skills of organization will be beneficial for the entire team to locate patient reports. In order for the medical clinic to keep thousands of paper work, the staff scans the documents so that all the medical records will be kept safely in the system.


These activities are important to my routine and profession as a medical secretary. Not only is it necessary but also mandatory that every secretary understands how to book appointments as it is another form of communication with the other staff. Organization is an essential skill as there are thousands of important patient documents that need to be kept securely.

Required Materials:

  • Patients Health Card

Details of the Activity:

Booking Appointments

  1. Open Oscar Med System
  2. Select "Today" on top left hand corner
  3. Change the today's doctor according to appointment/walk-in
  4. Click under the appropriate time slot to book appointment
  5. Change the duration time by typing "10" (10 minutes)
  6. Input the health card number of the patient, confirm
  7. Set the status of the patient to "Here", "Away" or the examination room number

Details of the Activity:

Scanning Patient Documents

  1. Open Oscar Med System
  2. Select "Search" on top left hand corner
  3. Search for the patients record by inputing the patients health card number
  4. Select the master file
  5. Select to 'Add Document'
  6. Scan the document
  7. Input the title of document, and image by browsing the computer files (making sure the document corresponds with the correct patient)
  8. Select 'Add' to finish