Federalist party beliefs

Part platform

Ruled by wealthy class

Strong federal government

emphasis on manufacturing

loose interpretation of the constitution

British alliance

National bank

protective tariffs

Role of government

Ruled by federal government

Strong federal government

Protective tariffs

Loose interpretation of Constitution


Emphasis on Manufacturing

British alliance

National bank


Are you a well educated person and want a big say in government? If so you should support the Federalist party because our government is ruled by the wealthy class, where as the Democratic-Republican party is ruled by anybody who is not educated and half of them don’t know what they’re doing and they will ruin our government. Have you ever done something just because no one said not to? If so then the Federalist party is for you because we have what is called a loose interpretation of the Constitution that says we can do whatever as long as it’s not forbidden in the Constitution. Our party believes in a strong federal government to regulate estate government so that you don’t need to exchange money going between states. We believe in emphasis on manufacturing because we need more products to sell so that we can have more items to trade and manufactured goods are worth more than agricultural goods because there is more diversity in what can be produced.

Our party wants more protective tariffs in this country. We believe in a national bank so that we can regulate the money in this country to be worth the same amount instead of having one Georgian dollar be worth ten Virginian cents. We want a British alliance to be able to trade with a better country than France who doesn’t create so many goods. And that’s why you should join the Federalist party because we support a strong federal government, we want a British alliance, we need protective tariffs, we want a national bank, and we believe in a loose interpretation of the Constitution.