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October 11, 2021

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

5 Benefits of Reading with Your Kids - RWYK Podcast

Weekly Welcome from Mr. Witherspoon

Thank you to everyone that took time out of their schedule to talk with us during Parent Teacher Conferences! Please keep the communication ongoing with your child's teacher regarding progress and how we can support each other along this journey. The excitement (and astonishment) that you will have at the end of the year will be almost unmeasurable as our partnership will lead our children to do great things. The foundation that we are laying will be one that last a lifetime!

I would like to acknowledge those of you that come out to help make Cleveland beautiful last weekend! Thank you to the PTA who organized this and each hand that went into the work around the building...it looks great!!

Please remember that October 20, 2021 will be a day in which the students will attend in the afternoon only. Students can begin their arrival at 12:45 pm and instruction will begin at 12:55 pm. Bus pick up times will be 4 hours later than the morning pick up time (ex. if your child gets picked up at 8:15 am, then the PM time would be 12:15 PM).

Eagle of the Week is back and students will begin to bring home their half of SOAR Bucks to share with you about their success in school!!! Students can earn SOAR bucks for doing anything that displays SOARing Behavior throughout the day. They will then take part home and put the other part in the cool SOAR mailbox to have a chance at visiting our new RECESS Club during a lunch recess with a friend! The first drawing will be this upcoming Friday!!!!

Lastly, don't forget to that the PTA will be hosting the Fall Festival this Thursday!!! Candy Donations can be brought into the main office. Click on the link below to get some more information.

Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. Have a great week, stay safe, and as always...."Keep SOARing Eagles"!

Cleveland Elementary Classroom Checklist for Home

Please complete this before you leave from home each day

PTA Reflections

Here is a great way for your child to express how they "Would Change the World"!! Click on the following link to get some more information how your child can participate this year.

PTA Reflections

PTA Reflections (Continued)

Highlights from Livonia Public Schools Food Service

Did You Know…..

  • All LPS students are eligible for free school meals during this school year. This means any LPS student may choose to have breakfast and/or lunch every school day. This is because all school districts across the country were able to receive a federal waiver to serve breakfast and lunch meals, at no charge to families, for every student, regardless of financial status.

  • We’re serving A LOT of meals this year! It is wonderful to see so many of our students accessing this service. So you know...here are some quick district stats about the first 23 school days in fall 2019 compared to the first 23 school days of 2021.

2019~First 23 school days:

Breakfast = 21,224 meals served in LPS

Lunch = 81,914 meals served in LPS

Total = 103,138 meals served in LPS

2021~First 23 school days:

Breakfast = 45,206 meals served in LPS (113% increase)

Lunch = 120,972 meals served in LPS (48% increase)

Total = 166,178 meals served in LPS (61% increase)

  • Menus occasionally need to be adjusted. There are several reasons for menu changes. In short, the national supply chain challenges that are occurring in almost every industry, also exist in food service. With schools across the country offering many more meals than ever before, due to the waiver, food supply companies are having some trouble keeping up. Additionally, the trucking industry is also facing pretty big delays due to the shortage of truck drivers, which impacts delivery of items to the suppliers. While we order a wide variety of food items each week, if an item does not get delivered, LPS Food Service replaces it with a comparable item. Here’s a good article explaining how this is affecting schools across the country: School Meal Supply Shortages

  • If your child is a hearty eater, he/she is able to both access a breakfast or lunch AND bring their own snack or lunch from home.

  • Families, regardless of household income, are able to receive these free meals throughout the 2021-2022 school year. However, families (as applicable) should still complete the Free / Reduced Application: Horizon Free & Reduced Apps (horizonsolana.com) on an annual basis, as this allows our school district to continue to receive federal funding and allows families who qualify to access additional fee reductions (ie: Pay to Participate fee reductions; AP exam fee reductions and others).

  • We are very thankful for the efforts of our Food & Nutrition department staff, who have worked tirelessly to respond to the increased meal service needs!

We are hopeful this information is helpful to you and provides some insights into how the Food & Nutrition Services Department of Livonia Public Schools provides for our students.

Character Trait of the Month: Empathy

Sesame Street: Mark Ruffalo: Empathy

Helpful Links

Livonia Public Schools Education Foundation Competitive Edge

Cleveland PTA

Click on: Cleveland PTA Member Hub

Calendar: PTA October Calendar

Upcoming Events:

  • October 21: Fall Festival

Cleveland Elementary Health Clinic

Community Connections

Arrival and Dismissal at Cleveland

Arrival and Dismissal

Health and Safety

Before Coming to School:

  • Student Protocol

    • All students will be required to conduct the health and safety self assessment at home prior to coming to school.

    • At-home screening includes taking temperature prior to attending school and answering a health checklist.

    • If the student cannot answer “NO” to the questions on the checklist, or has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, he or she may not attend school and must call the school attendance line at 734-744-2776.

    • Health Department Public Service Announcement

    • Students will make sure they have the following things on the checklist:

  • Masks are not optional. Please have your child wear their mask (covering nose and mouth) throughout the day to build up their stamina.
    • Mask Wearing will be strictly enforced:
    • Facial coverings (must be washed daily)
    • Disposal mask (must be disposed of daily)
    • Gaiters (two-layer neck and face sleeve, washed daily)

Exceptions: Students who have a documented medical condition must provide written paperwork from a medical doctor.

    Hand washing

    • Students will be taught proper hand washing

      • procedures. See PBIS Poster. Wash Your Hands (link the LPS ones)

      • A schedule (where possible) will be developed so students are washing hands every 2-3 hours.

      Hand Sanitizer

      • Students should use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not feasible before/after touching any shared materials, and before entering any new space.

      Physical Distancing

      • Desks and tables will face in a single direction whenever feasible and will be spaced out as much as possible to achieve minimally 3 feet of distance from head to head, up to 6 feet where possible.

      PBIS Poster: Physical Distancing

    Big picture

    Tibits for Success

    • Begin to prep your child for school by making sure that routines are established.
      • Bedtime routines (read a book, cut off screen time at least 1 hour prior to bedtime, etc.)
      • Students can begin entering the building at 8:45 am (please do not drop off students any earlier as there will not be any adult supervision prior to that time).
    • How will your child get to and from school?
      • Bus: get to know the bus letter/number, bus stop, arrival/departure time.
      • Dropping off in a car?
        • Know the traffic pattern and the door that your child will enter through for school.
      • Is your child walking?
        • Know the location and door number that your child will be entering and leaving through.


    Big picture
    Big picture

    Upcoming Dates:

    October 13: Parent Teacher Conferences (Evening)

    October 14-15: 1/2 day of school for students (Parent-Teacher Conferences)

    October 20: Half-Day of school for Students (PM Only)

    October 21: PTA FALL FESTIVAL (Trunk or Treat)

    October 23: Franklin High School Family 5K Color Fun Run/Walk