Girl Stolen

by April Henry


A young blind sixteen year old named Cheyenne Wilder is involved in a accidental kidnapping. Cheyenne Wilders step mom had just got out of the car to fill a prescription for Cheyenne because she is very sick with phenomena. Cheyenne's step Mom says that she can stay in the car while she is in the store, no more then three minutes after Cheyenne's mom gets out the car somebody else jumps into the car and drives away at a furious speed. Scared Cheyenne screams and the car jacker notices he had just basically kidnapped a person. The also frightened car jacker drives back to his house with Cheyenne. She is held captive for two whole days before the kidnapper finds out that Cheyenne is the daughter of the President of Nike. When her kidnapper find this out he tells her father that he wants ten melon dollars to let her go. The father aggress but the kidnapper never lets Cheyenne go, so the sick and blind Cheyenne Wilder escapes from the kidnapper and is trying to find a route to survival. " please let me go, I wont tell. "-Cheyenne wilder


I chose this book because it looked very thrilling and very interesting. My favorite part of the book occurred when Cheyenne Wilder escaped from her kidnappers because it showed how brave Cheyenne really is. In my opinion, the book is a very good and jaw dropping. I liked this book because it was very thrilling. The idea of the book was just really fantastic and realistic, its about a young blind girl that was kidnapped. Overall, i would rate the book a perfect ten because it had me at the edge of seat every time I read this book, its an awesome book! I would definitely recommend this book for teenagers and adults.
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