Design a Candy Dispenser

Define the Problem

A candy company needs a miniature candy machine for their 50th anniversary. A new miniature candy machine must be built! Use the Autodesk Inventor Pro CAD software to create the machine.


  • Must be durable.
  • Must not exceed 24”x 24”x 24”.
  • Must have 4 or more parts.
  • Must be able to dispense 2 types of candy.


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Candy Bar Dispenser

Hold candy bars at a vertical incline and drops them after money is inserted and selection is made.
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Small Candy Dispenser

Crank is turned to release candy from bottom.
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Slot Machine Style

A lever is pulled to imitate a slot machine, but for candy rather than real money.
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Bear Candy Dispenser

Drops small candies out of posterior.
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Hershey Bar Dispenser

Money inserted in front of machine, levers are pulled, and a Hershey bar drops out of the bottom.

Develop Possible Solutions

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Choose the Best Solution

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Create a Prototype

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Test and Evaluate

None. I am happy with the original design.


This flyer.


Refer to Test and Evaluation Section.