Papeete, French Polynesia



Papeete is on the island of Tahiti. Papeete sits on the north western coast. Which is covered by lush rainforests, the interior areas of Tahiti are home to a wealth of beautiful trees, ferns and flowering plants with gushing waterfalls, flowing rivers and deep valleys. There are four peaks on the island, the tallest being Mount Orohena that stands an impressive 7,618 feet tall.
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Things to do in Papeete

  • Lots of different places to go shopping.
  • Boat tours, sight seeing tours, and museums.
  • Cruises.
  • Movie theater
I would want to visit Tahiti in April. The temperatures are warm and there's not a whole lot of rain. The scenery would be beautiful. I could go on different hikes or boat tours to see a lot of the island. I would go on multiple tours in Papeete, the islands capital, because it is a big cities and I could see a lot of the culture differences.