Milestone Tips

We Are Going to Make it Over!

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Testing Schedule (Day-by-Day)

April 12- Section 1 ELA

April 13-Section 2 ELA

April 14-Section 3 ELA

April 17-Section 1 Math

April 18-Section 2 Math

April 19-Science

April 20-Social Studies

April 21-Make-ups

Testing Schedule (Hour-by-Hour) for Each Day

8:30- 3rd Grade and 5th Grade Testing

10:30- 4th Grade Testing

Accommodations List

Click on this button to see which accommodated students are being tested, and where their testing location will be.

Proctor Schedule

Non-Homeroom Teachers click on this button to see where and when you will be proctoring.

Testing Security Form

This form is due to Kelley no later than April 10th.

Kelley's Milestone Testing Slides

This is the PowerPoint that Kelley introduced during the Tech Rotations.

Latest Testing (Tech) Information

Windows Desktops & Laptops

Windows desktops and laptops will be using a GENERIC computer login.

-Computer Login: testing

-Computer Password:HALLtest2015


Chromebooks do NOT require a computer login to access the testing client.

Preparing to Test on the Morning of the Testing Day

-At least 5 minutes before testing begins, TURN ON the computer. If the computer was already on, RESTART the computer. Students can help you do this.

-LOGIN to the computer (Windows only). Students can help you do this.

Starting the Testing Client

-WINDOWS ONLY- Double-click the DRC Insight Online Assessments icon on the desktop ONCE. If it doesn’t open after 2 minutes, restart the computer.

-CHROMEBOOKS ONLY- Turn on the Chromebook but DO NOT login. Down at the bottom you will see the Apps menu. Click there and then click on DRC Insight Online Assessments .

Launching the Test

-Before you can begin the test, the machine has to be connected to an ORG Unit (Organization Group). We have automated this step this year and you will not need to enter the ORG Unit IDs. You will need to verify that your machines have received the new software update and ORG Unit IDs. You can do this by opening the DRC Insight client to see if you have the following screen.

This screen means you have been assigned to a WIDA and Milestone ORG Unit. It is recommended that you do this before the day of testing.

-Once you see this screen choose Georgia for EOC/EOG testing.

- Once you are in the Georgia section proceed with the test ticket information provided to the student.

-If the computer/Chromebook has NOT been previously connected to a Device ORG Unit, you will need to do the following:

-Please mark the machine and have it looked at. We are pushing the updates to the software and entering the ORG ID automatically and if it is not there then the machine was unable to update the software.

Troubleshooting During Test

Possible issues during testing are below. Please try these quick fixes first and then switch computer if necessary:

-Student Can’t login- Please make sure the student has typed their information correctly. If, after 3 attempts, they cannot login, request assistance.

-Computer or Test Freezes- Pause test, if possible. If not, use CTRL, ALT, DELETE to End the program and/or restart the computer. Switch computer if necessary.

-Computer screen goes black-

-Move mouse to enable display.

-Check power cord to be sure it’s plugged in and light on power strip.

-Restart computer. Hold power button for 5 seconds, if necessary, for shut-down.

-Switch computer if necessary.

-Accommodations not working as expected- Verify accommodation assignments for student with Test Accommodation roster.

-Internet connection drops- This will pause the test and the student should be able to login again to resume test if connection is restored within 1 minute.

o Check for Wi-Fi indicator light on laptop.

· Use Wi-Fi switch/or keys to turn on if necessary.

Chromebook Screen Resolution

Last year we had a few things that popped up on Chromebooks during testing.

If the Chromebook has had its default resolution changed then the test will not run. The DRC Insight Program requires a minimum resolution of 1024x768.

The possible error you will receive may look like this.

There is a quick fix for this.

Click ok to close the error page.

You can then use shortcut keys to change your resolution.

  1. Press and hold Ctrl and Shift.
  2. While holding Ctrl and Shift press the Zero key at the top.
  3. This will restore the resolution setting to its default value and you can continue with the test.

Chromebook Quotation Marks


The keyboard layout can be changed while in the DRC app.

Even if the Chromebook is showing US in the bottom right the DRC Insight app can be changed to International within the software.

If you are unable to type the quotes during the test do the following.

  1. Click anywhere right above the input box were students are typing their answers. If you no longer have a blinking cursor in the input box then you should be ready.
  2. Press and hold the Ctrl and the Shift key. Now tap the Space bar once.
  3. The keyboard layout should now be US which will allow the students to use the ' and " symbols.

Preparing for Small Groups with Headphones

BEFORE opening DRC Insight Online Assessments, please ensure the computer sound is not muted. If you encounter sound issues:

-Adjust volume to highest level.

-Check sound through headphones while sliding the volume slider to highest level.


If a student is dropped from the test the first thing to do is to try and login again. If they are getting unsent responses have the student wait a couple of minutes and try again. If the student is still receiving unsent response errors have the teacher inform the testing coordinator with the students name. The testing coordinator should then email me with the student’s name so that I send all responses so they can continue to test. If they receive a different error message you would reboot the machine and try the test again. If they continue to receive an error message that is not about “Unsent Responses” let me know. I will direct help any way I can and if needed I will direct you to contact DRC.