Jamie, Tommy - Vaughn 2nd

What is it?

Nationalism is the feeling of pride, loyalty, and patriotism for/to a country.

Why is it important?

Nationalism is continuing to shape our countries today. Countries with higher nationalism have stronger economies and are wealthier. People want to earn more money and they want to grow/expand for the good of the country because of nationalism. Also, countries with higher nationalism have less bank problems and issues, since people trust their citizens to treat them with respect. Nationalism brings people together and empowers people to work harder for the good of their country.

What major events have involved Nationalism?

World War 1 and 2 were both caused by nationalism. Nationalism was used by their leaders to generate public support in Germany, where nationalism was already occurring. In Italy, the idea of restoring the Roman Empire was attractive to many Italians. In Japan, nationalism had been widespread for centuries.

The French Revolution paved the way for the modern nation-state and also had a big part in the birth of nationalism. Across Europe, governments questioned the idea of nationalism and wanted to redraw the continents.

What effect has Nationalism had across the world over time?