Pietosis: The Tasty SuperHero

"I'm high in sugar and high in numbers!"


Registered Hero Name: Pietosis

Full Name: Ben Dover

Age: 21 years

Height: 186cm

Birth Date: 4/7/1993


His hair is a dark shade of red and his irises are dark brown. He has tanned skin and when in his super hero uniform wears six lines of pastry on his face with three on each cheek, cool glasses and a slightly flamboyant jump suit that says "I'm with STUPID!"


Dover's catchphrase is "Kill me and a pie will kill you!" whilst his life motto is "Two is better than one!" Dover received his ability of multiplication after he discovered how to turn fructose and glucose into a new form of cell known as shulcose cells once the fructose and glucose cells had entered his digestive system.

After converting the sugars inside of his body he started to become more academic and athletic. He accidentally converted a large amount of sugar and made the effects permanent. This was around the time Pietosis was born. Dover doesn't have a goal in life and is constantly wayfaring from city to city, living off part-time jobs whilst fighting bad guys.


Dover has quite a few model ships although very few relationships. He moved away from his family in order to go to college and he is unable to maintain relationships whilst wayfaring. His arch nemesis "Dead Metal" is believed to have been a colleague of Dover who swore to kill Dover after he was quickly surpassed in all school events. No prodigy would allow themselves to be stepped on by a commoner. Dead Metal uses ultra sonic noises to control several of the military drones and also damage his opponents' balance by injuring their eardrums.
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