Lab Safety Rules and Precautions

By: Brice Harrison

The Rules of the Lab

There are some rules that take place in the lab like no running, or no playing around. If you disobey these rules not only will you get in trouble, but you will probably spilled chemicals or dropped something while your running and horse playing.

What Happens When You Play Around

When you play around in the lab you will get in trouble. My lucky guess of what would happen id you did this would be you go to ISS.

Safety Precations

There are some safety precautions that you should take to protect yourself. there is a fire extinguisher in case there is a fire, and there is a fire blanket to put over somebody in case they catch on fire

Fume Hood and Goggles

The fume hood is used to get rid of unneeded fumes in the area. the safety goggles are to protect your eyes from getting water and irritating chemicals.

The Eyewash and Shower

The eyewash station is for emergencies only, never use it unless you have chemicals in your eyes. The shower is also only for emergencies in the lab. The shower is used when you spill chemicals on yourself.