Do we really want Texas and all their issues? This 262,400 sq. miles of land can cause quite the issue. Read this article to know why we should not allow Texas to annex,

Money Payment

We cannot annex Texas. they have about 1,000,000 dollars in dept. they have to pay. We can't pay that off for them, it's just simply too much. We already have to pay our own finances for our own country, we can't do it for both.

War with Mexico

Texas has had Mexico on their backs for who knows how long. If we annex Texas we will have to deal with Mexico and possibly go into war with them. Having to pull the army together and pay for it will just spend the money we needed to pay off their dept. Who knows how long this issue can last, if Mexico wants Texas bad enough they'll get Texas.

Another Slave State

We don't want to have to fight another state to get them to stop with slavery. Texans with their huge state and cotton farms will only mean a lot more slaves than the other southern states and that's not what we need. We are on the brink of war with our own country, Texas being as large as it is and the fact they beat Mexico it won't be good when we do fight.

Texans Point of Veiw

Texas is looking at us to be their babysitters, providing them protection and paying their dept. and using us for all the luxuries that we have that they want. We need to be greater than that.

Mexico's Point of Veiw

Mexico is wanting Texas back and no accepting they are now a republic. There will be many attacks trying to get them back. If Mexico wants them back then they should take them that way we don't have to deal with any of their problems.