Earth Without The Sun

By: Griffith

The Sun Vanished! What Will We Do?

Hello fellow readers, this is Griffith the reporter and the sun has suddenly vanished. We suggest that you stay cautious encase of any unusual things. I'm no scientist, but I don't think we can live for much longer. Please stay inside and stay with a group of people. We will try to make it through this together.

Day 1:

Hello, once again its me. We have survived the first day of h e double hockey sticks. I hope you listened to our advice because there isn't much time left to survive. Our officials have notified us and replied with a bad look. Which means they're suggesting we wont make it much longer. If you are wondering why I say this, but without the sun, we don't have much energy as before on planet. See you guys tomorrow.

Week 1: Hello once again. You may not be reading this because 99% of the people on Earth have already passed. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who survived. hopefully someone will buy my newspaper article or I wont keep writing them. Good luck.

Month 1:

I have come to conclusion I am the only one who has survived this devastating event. i know i'm writing this to my self, but if the future aliens come across this they will know what to do. Stay with a group, do not panic and hope for the best.

Year 1:

Hello, its me, I've been wondering how y'all been doing. As maybe you can tell I'm not alive. I have passed away and I am in a better place. I hope you aliens can use this information to your advantage. Thanks for listening and I'm out, peace.