The Jackson Presidency

The era of Jackson

The Nullification Crisis

Congress passed the tariffs of 1828 and 1832. The tariffs didn't affect the south in a good way. South Carolina threatened to secede from the union. South Carolina wanted to nullify the tariffs.Then congress passed the force bill which allowed the US Government to use military power to enforce tariffs. Shortly after South Carolina agreed to the 1833 compromise tariff.

Trail of Tears

Americans found the land where the Cherokee was living in had lush land and gold. The American people tried to force the Cherokees out. Then Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act which forced the Cherokees to move out to a different area in place of their home. Cherokees went to court and won the case Worcester v Georgia. Andrew Jackson ignored the ruling making the Cherokees move during the long blistering winter. Thousands of Cherokees died. Also this act can move any Native Americans out of their homes.
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Spoils System

Supporters of Andrew Jackson were given places in government jobs. Ordinary people with no education could get in. Andrew Jack had to fire a lot of the people in government before that. The Spoils System is an incentive for people to like a political party.
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The political cartoon is showing Andrew Jackson has a king. The cartoon is also picturing him as a member of wealth and royalty. The veto he is holding is showing that he has a lot of power. It also shows that Andrew Jackson can do whatever he wants.


ShrimpAndGritzMan123- The spoils system that Andrew Jackson is using is sickening! People with no proper education can get into out government. Our nation will crumble with Andrew Jackson involved! We need people in government that are fit for government.

NorthIsBae101- I love Andrew Jackson! He is making my business booming by adding tariffs. People won't buy exported goods from Europe anymore, they will get the great American made imports. Andrew Jackson helped me became from poor to rich.