Poland exchange

William van Egmond

My name is William

I' am 14 years old

Sorry for my English its not very good, i hope you understand it.

i lived in bedum and i go to school in groningen.

my favorite music artist are: Calvin Harris Martin Garrix.

I also like cars very much the car i placed is a ''Bmw Z4 gt3''

I have 3 Brothers one of 11 one of 5 and one that is 3 weeks old,

that is the boy on the foto, i also have one sister of 16.

In my free time i play a lot basketball with friends almost every evening.

my school is in gronigen that is 11 kilometers from my home.

i go on my bicycle to school.

on school i hate the langues: Dutch and German and French.

my favourite subjects are gym and geography.

I am very exited for the exchange.

i like to see city's, i've been in miami america that was very awesome.

i also hope to see something from gdanks .

with my friends i've bin sometimes in the city gronigen.

the village where i born, live 8000 people.

The soccer player arjen robben is also born in my village.

maybe you know him.

i hope to make contact with your.

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my data

you can find me on facebook with the name william van egmond

you also can text me on whatsapp with the nummer below

Samenvatting PEC Zwolle - FC Groningen 0-2, KNVB bekerfinale 2014/15

Fc Groningen

The picture below with the fire heart,

is the logo of my favourite soccer club

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Kygo - Stole The Show feat. Parson James [Official Music Video - YTMAs]