Anderson Gator Library Update

February 2016

What's Happening in the Library?

After reading one of our BRAND new books, Wherever You Go, and with an idea from Dr. Bunker, the Gator Cr8rs have been working on a paper bag city. We've made buildings of all shapes and sizes, built roads, made people, and will soon be combining it all in a Gator City the whole school will enjoy for Open House and Book Fair week!

Speaking of Book Fair: Our spring Fair is March 7th-11th, and the library will be open from 7:40 am - 4:00 pm every day. Thursday night, March 10th is Open House and the Groovy Book Fair will be open that night as well.

Makerspace has made the transition to the mornings and it is going strong. Love seeing Gator Cr8rs at work Monday-Thursday mornings!

We made some awesome cardboard creations during our Cardboard Challenge. We've also worked on student password resets in the library and have been successfully working on the library Chromebooks! In the lower grades we've been using the 5-finger rule to choose our JUST RIGHT books and in the upper grades we've been talking about why we choose to read certain books while also giving peer book recommendations.

Our NEW books are coming in steadily (lots and lots of boxes) and with the help of some awesome library leaders, are being processed and will soon be ready to check out. Make sure your account is clear (no overdue books or fines) so you are able to be the FIRST reader for some of our new books!

Dr. Seuss is coming! Happy Birthday Theodore (Ted) Geisel! Next week we will have guest readers to celebrate the life of this awesome author and illustrator.

Our 4th and 5th grade Battle of the Books teams have been working diligently getting ready for their competition next Saturday, March 5th!

Library "Pass"ports

Don't forget to send students with library passes throughout the day.

Top passport issuers from 4th six weeks:

Kinder - Mrs. Garza

1st - Mrs. Ayala

2nd - Mrs. Conry (with passes from ALL 2nd teachers)

3rd - Mrs. DeVarennes

Several 4th, 5th, and 6th teachers have been sending students to the library for self-checkout with passes. This frees them up for some small group/intervention time and helps on testing schedule days. Thanks top issuers: Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Hammonds!

Students and staff are improving with self-checkout, so keep on sending students with passes! Let Mrs. Resendez know if you need more passes.

Library Stats and Statistics

Print Items added to the Anderson library: 487 new books

Students/staff enrolled in library system: 780+

Print books circulated 3rd 6 weeks: 6,488

eBooks accessed: 1,271 (growing!)

Library classes taught: 216

Makerspace/Drop In patrons: 1,555