Civil Rights

Thomas Scotchie

Stride Toward Freedom

Oppressed people deal with oppression in three different ways.

  • Oppressed people sometimes will stay that way and do nothing to change their lives.
  • Another way to fight oppression is to act out violently in riots.
  • Some people will do peaceful nonviolent protest.

The most respectable and accepted way to overcome oppression is a nonviolent protest. Nonviolent protest will leave the next generation hope for a better life.

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Martin Luther King 1929-1965

  • Enrolled in college at the age of 15.
  • Civil Rights Leader
  • Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1964

Necessary To Protect Youself

No one is above criticism we should use criticism to help us grow.

  • Black people should belong to NRA.
  • Everyone deserves rights.
  • Blacks should not go out and start violent protest but, they should be prepared to defend themselves in areas where police don't protect them.

Everyone deserves the right to protect themselves but, they should not take advantage of the right to do so. Society should never allow higher powers to use their powers to degrade people, we are all humans.

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Malcom X 1925-1965

*Malcom Little converted to Islam and changed his name to Malcom X.

* Was sent to prison.

*Childhood scared by poverty and racial violence.