Ancient Egypt Inventions

Writing & Literature

Writing & Literature Inventions

Some of the things invented in Ancient Egypt were hieroglyphics, papyrus, and black ink. Papyrus was the first durable kind of paper to write on, and Ancient Egyptians were the ones that first invented it. It is called Papyrus because the plant they used to make it was the Papyrus plant. It was mass produced by the Egyptians, and sold to other ancient civilizations such as Ancient Greece. Black ink was also made by the Egyptians to make hieroglyphics on papyrus. It wasn't only black ink they made. They were good at making all sorts of colors. So good that you can still see the ink to this day


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The Most Important Invention

In my opinion, ink was the most important invention. If we did not have ink, it would be easier to change documents and checks, but most importantly kids could change their F+ to an A+ and get away with it because there is no obvious tampering. If you tried to White Out a score or a signature on a document, it would be obvious because with White Out you can still see the splotch of ink. If the Ancient Egyptians never made ink, somebody would have eventually made it, but before they got to making it, there would be nothing recorded, nothing to look at that they made, and our knowledge of Ancient Egypt and how they lived would not be as good as it is today. Some may argue that if they never made papyrus that ink would have been worthless, but that is not true. The Egyptians wrote on walls in tombs too.

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