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Saying GOOD-BYE to January!!

Appropriate Thought For the Week

“Getting an education is an awfully wearing process!”
Jean Webster


*3rd and 5th Grade Teachers I need to "meet with you" to train you for COGAT

Second Grade - February 1st at Hiddenite

Third Grade - February 2nd at Ellendale

Fourth Grade - February 4th at Stony Point

Fifth Grade - February 8th at Taylorsville

Monday Feb 1st PLC for 1st and 2nd

-Please bring your Tier paperwork and your Ipad. You do not have to have paperwork complete--we will do this together. We can get Tier paperwork updated for conferences and interventions, I will work with the teacher that has the transition for the first half of the PLC while the other two teachers work updating their Tier Paperwork. If we are together we can support each other with questions.

-If we get this finished (maybe) we can go over any questions you have, discuss students you may want to bring to SST, retentions or any other topic you feel is important.

Wednesday Feb 3rd PLC for 3rd

-I have a meeting prior to this at central office but should be back at time or shortly after. Bring your Tier paperwork and we will work on getting this ready for conferences.

Thursday Feb 4th PLC for 4th and 5th

We have Curriculum Meeting so I will not be here. Use this time to work on Tier paperwork for conferences. 4th grade has gotten this started--5th grade I can meet with you to review so you will know what to do.

Progress Monitoring

I have put PM schedules in your box as of this evening or sent them by email for approval. Please double check these to make sure all students are accounted for on the list. If the student shows proficiency on this skill after several weeks of progress monitoring--move to the next skill. You are not bound to that skill until EOY--remember you are the expert and know what your students need. For those of you that prefer it in calendar form...here is a link to that calendar. I am emailing the PM schedule as well in case you want to modify it in anyway. Thank you!

PM Calendar for TES

MTSS Survey

Thank you to those of you who have taken time to respond to the MTSS survey. Any info you have to share would be appreciated!!


COGAT Testing February 11th

Third and Fifth grade classes will participate in COGAT Testing on February 11th--mark the date! This takes about 3 hours so block off the time when you are planning!

More details to come...

Second Grade ELA/SS Mapping

February 11th and 12th is ELA/SS Mapping for 2nd Grade. All three teachers will attend the first day--Andrea will attend the second. Lunch is provided. You will need to bring a device such as a laptop or Chromebook--IPADS are not very useful for what you will be doing.

Brenda Siniard will be sending out more information regarding this day.

Weekly Update

I will have this updated by Sunday!

So if you read this earlier--be sure to check back!