Moanalua Village Newsletter

July 2013 - Volume 4

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Having Work Done on Your Unit? Moving or Expecting a Delivery?

Please remember to give the office 24 hour notice if you are expecting contractors, movers, or delivery trucks at your unit. Contractors are required to read and sign an agreement form if they are doing renovations for more than one day. Drivers of large delivery trucks always need to be reminded to use the “Truck Exit” button and exit through the larger entrance gate.

Please Use the Pedestrian Gate

The MV House Rules state “pedestrians entering and exiting MV must use the pedestrian gate. Pedestrians may not use the "Truck Exit" button or a gate transmitter to open the entrance gate in order to walk in or out of MV.” Not only is this dangerous but it causes extreme and unnecessary wear on the gate’s moving parts. When these parts wear out it is very costly to replace or repair them. This cost is passed on to MV residents through rising maintenance fees. Inform family members to use the pedestrian gate for entrance and exit on foot. All MV residents should have a pedestrian gate key. Duplicates are available at the office for $10.00.

Next Meeting of the Board of Directors

The next meeting of the Moanalua Village Board of Directors is scheduled for Wednesday, July 17th at 6:30 PM in the Recreation Center. All residents are welcome to attend.

Did You Know?

The Moanalua Village Board of Directors' monthly meeting minutes are posted on the association's web page. Click on the link below, then select Resource Center.

Board of Directors

Carol Kunishima - President
Arlie McDaniel - Vice President
Diane Kawauchi - Secretary
Francis Miyazawa - Treasurer

Cindy Fukunaga - Director

Jonathan Lum - Director

Karl Pregitzer - Director

Richard Torres - Director
Robert Verner - Director

On-Site Manager: Gayla Gould/Phone: 836-3383/

Managing Agent: Lois Ekimoto/Phone: 593-6894/

Security: Phoenix Security Hawaii/Phone: 988-7077