Khione and The Tiger

By: Sakina Zaki

Susan was a beautiful girl. Graceful and elegant; but ungrateful. Everyone in the village Jenam was very loyal to Susan. They treated her like a princess. Villagers would give her the biggest house and all the richest fruits, in Egypt. But Susan never said please or thank you. She was always rude.

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Khione was a beautiful ice princess and goddess. She was very kind, and would always seek well in everyone saw Susan’s actions. Yet she believed that people could change; and she thought that Susan could too. Days past, then weeks, months and years. Still Susan remained the rudest, most, selfish, princess in Egypt. When the Pharaoh of Egypt saw, he immediately prayed to the gods hoping one would answer his prayers.

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As Khione heard the pharaohs’ plea, she promised she would help. As Khione thought of how she would face the girl… she thought of the perfect idea. She would have to trick Susan into holding the special ingredient. “I must get ready for my visit.” Khione muttered to herself As Khione transformed into an old Egyptian peasant. Khione blended in to give “her majesty” the special fruit she thought bluntly.

As it was soon Khione’s turn she quickly turned into her real godly form. “My princess Susan I offer you a special fruit; only certain people are worthy of it.” Khione explains “I am worthy! I am worthy, beautiful, and… AND! kind. Yes I am kind.”

“Are you positive?”

Yes give me the fruit!”

“Yes princess."

As soon as Susan held the fruit it broke apart and captured Susan in a cage. “What!? What have you done?!” “Did I forget to tell you? If you are not worthy the fruit will trap you!” Khione chuckled. “You! You tricked me! I should’ve known you gods aren’t anything but rude!” Susan exclaimed that comment had really insulted Khione. She quickly told everyone to leave.

“Look I am not mean or rude; I am Khione the ice princess! I have trapped you in this cage so I we can talk! You need to be kinder to these villagers; they gave you everything! You must say “please” and “thank you”!” Khione exclaimed. “What! I am kind. I let them adore me. Some are lucky enough to kiss my feet. You gods think you are so powerful! HMPH! You may rant and say anything you want but I will never listen!” Susan demanded

“But what if I had turned you into something that people would not care about?” Khione questioned. Then and there Khione quickly changed Susan into a white tiger. The tiger growled at Khione, but it heard itself it got frightened. “I might turn you back if you promise to listen.” And with a flick of Khione’s wrist the tiger was back to a furious Susan.

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“I will never listen! You cannot boss me around!” Susan shouted. And with no further ado Khione turned Susan into a shiny, beautiful white tiger. “Susan you may be beautiful like a tiger but you will always be lonely.” After Khione said that; the tiger was off to her new home Antarctica.

After that Janam was joyous and always honored Khione the ice princess, and savior of Janam, Egypt. Yet villagers still wonder what happened to Princess Susan, and if she ever will come back.

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