07 Aug 2020

Our Vision

Our Lady of Fatima Palmyra is a Catholic School that aspires to

provide a respectful, secure and caring learning environment

where our community is committed to following

the teachings of Jesus.

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

It is great to be back into some regular routines, it is our new normal but my sense is that it will continue for an extended period of time which allows us to maintain the routines for the children to ensure a sense of predictability and security for them. We have initiated half school gatherings to allow parents in each half of the school to join us in the hall for the gatherings. This ensures the hall will not be too crowded, enables people to spread out and reduces potential for anxiety among members of our community.

Public Speaking Programme

It was wonderful to hear the selected children from Year 1 to Year 6 present their speeches in front of the larger school groups last Friday. As we reflected with the children on the day we highlighted the benefits of developing the skills to speak in front of a large audience. It can be daunting and it does take children out of their comfort zones in many cases but the benefits are fantastic. Having the privilege of watching the skills develop from the younger children through to the oldest children in our school is amazing and the development in the complexity of the topics chosen is also wonderful to see. I would like to acknowledge the children who were selected from each class to present to the larger school group, that did an outstanding job. The children included:

Year 1

Louis Pillay – basketball

Eli Jones – Spies

Year 2

Jax Richardson – Dragons

Pippa Buswell – Ice-Cream

Year 3

Karissa Pickford – Wombats

Lachlan Kenny – If I was my dog, Buddy, for a day

Year 4

Alby James – Oodles

Rose Daniel – Beachcombing

Year 5

Sophie Gault - The things we never thought we’d do

Elsie Casey – Young people can change the world

Lucas Prince – The Amazing Acrocats

Year 6

Max Di Lello – Autism Spectrum Disorder

Maria Vargas – Abandoned Buildings

Nicholas Thomas – The Media

Unfortunately, Lucas Prince was unwell last Friday and unable to present his speech but congratulations to all the children for their commitment to developing their public speaking skills, this will hold them in good stead in years to come.

Camp Quality Puppet Show

On Wednesday 29th July all the children at our school from PP-6 were split into 2 groups to watch a Puppet Show presented by some young people from Camp Quality. The Puppet Show is designed to develop the children’s understanding of how they can support a little boy in Year 2 who is going through some health challenges at the moment. Both Puppet Shows were very engaging and portrayed some important messages which the children showed some really clear understanding of. Our support for Camp Quality will be demonstrated through a Footy Colours Day this Wednesday where the children are asked to donate a gold coin each for the privilege of wearing their favourite footy colours and all the proceeds will be passed onto Camp Quality to assist them to continue their wonderful work.

Assembly Plan

This morning’s assembly was a welcomed return to our traditional Friday assemblies, it is great to gather as a community to reflect on what is happening in different classrooms and acknowledge the efforts of children across our school. Again, thank you to everyone for your flexibility with the logistics of managing 2 separate assemblies to reduce the group size and potential anxiety for people. Congratulations to the Year 4’s on a wonderful assembly this morning and Billy Haddrill for being presented with the coveted Fatima Hero Award.

Plan for Feast of the Assumption Liturgy

On Friday 14th August we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption here at Our Lady of Fatima. In the current COVID climate we are choosing to use the same process and venue we use for half school assemblies so the liturgy will take place in two gatherings and be led by Years 2 and 6. The PP-2 liturgy will start at 9am in the school hall and the Year 3-6 liturgy will take place after that, approximately 9:30am. Parents are welcome to join us for the liturgy, similar to the assemblies.

Counselling Possibility

A reminder to parents that we have access to a Masters of Counselling student here at Our Lady of Fatima for the remainder of 2020. Brieanna has initiated a level of counselling with some students already between sessions assisting each classroom teachers with either the Highway Heroes or Protective Behaviours programmes as she develops her understanding of the social dynamics in each classroom. If you as parents feel as if your child could benefit from a listening ear and some practical strategies in the area of social and emotional well-being, just liaise with the classroom teacher who can initiate this process.

Swimming Lessons

As our swimming lesson fortnight approaches (starting on Monday 17th August) for the children in PP-4, we are starting to provide some more specific information. The lesson times are:

Year 3 and 4 – 9:10am – 9:55am

PP and Year 1 – 9:55am – 10:45am

Year 2 – 10:45am – 11:35am

The children will be leaving school approximately 20 minutes before the scheduled start time of the lesson and returning to school about 20 minutes after the lesson finishes. We have made a decision that the children will be getting changed back into their uniform when they arrive back at school.

The children are encouraged to wear their sports uniform each day for the fortnight, and come to school with their bathers under their uniform. The children will get dressed ready to swim prior to getting on the bus and are encouraged to bring a dressing gown or heavy top to keep themselves warm when travelling too and from the pool as well as appropriate footwear e.g. thongs or slides, otherwise they will need to wear their sport shoes. Children must remember their:

· Towel

· Goggles

· Plastic bag for wet bathers and towel

· underwear

Best wishes for the coming fortnight.

Paul Hansen


Dates to Remember

Wednesday 12th August

Footy Colours Day(Fundraiser for Camp Quality)

Wednesday 12th August

P&F Meeting at 7:30pm

Friday 14th August

Assumption of Mary Liturgy led by Years 2 and 6

Monday 17th August

Swimming Lessons begin

Friday 28th August

Year 5 and 6 Winter Sport carnival at Troy Park

Thursday 3rd September

Father’s Day breakfast

Thursday 3rd September

Father’s Day Liturgy

Primary Principals Day 07th AUG 2020

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Australia's first Saint Mary Mackillop

This weekend we, celebrate with great joy, Australia’s first Saint, Mary of the Cross - Mary MacKillop and all that she did in Jesus’ name. We are invited to be kind and good like her.

Mary had a heightened awareness, learned at an early age from her family experience, of the need to be of service to any and all people in need. Her way of service was expressed in ordinary, down to earth practical ways.

Mary believed God wanted her to teach she knew that through educating the poor families that she lived amongst she would empower their children to change their own lives and futures for the better.

Mary worked with the poor, respecting and understanding their circumstances because they were very similar to her own.

Saint Mary MacKillop had a saying: ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’.

Mary MacKillop Prayer

(courtesy of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart)

Ever generous God,

You inspired Saint Mary MacKillop

To live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

and constant in bringing hope and encouragement

to those who were disheartened, lonely or needy.

With confidence in your generous providence

and through the intercession of Saint Mary MacKillop

We ask that you grant our request of dignity to all.

We ask that our faith and hope be fired afresh by the Holy Spirit

so that we too, like Mary MacKillop, may live with courage, trust and openness.

Ever generous God, hear our prayer.

We ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

‘Online & Technology Safety’ with Mr La Roche

With technology playing a bigger role in our lives, it is easy for children to dedicate a greater amount of time on devices. Many parents see a change in their children’s behaviour if they spend too much time in front of a screen. It is important that they maintain a balance and don’t become ‘screen zombies’. This week’s guide gives some helpful tips on how to avoid spending too much time on devices and manage healthy technology use. I hope you find it helpful.

Footy colours Day - Wednesday 12 August (Gold coin donation)

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Book club

Please remember to order from Scholastic Book Club by Thursday 13th August.
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‘P&F Community wellness Committee Update’

Term 3 – A Wellbeing Focus

The start of a new term is a fantastic time for us to embrace some new short term goals and perhaps renew our commitment and enthusiasm for existing long term goals.

As a community, our ultimate goals at Fatima centre on living a life with purpose and being the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. Attending to our health and wellbeing right now, is a critical ingredient in achieving those ultimate goals.

With this in mind, and considering the turbulent first half of 2020, the P&F Wellbeing Sub-Committee is launching a Wellbeing Theme initiative for Term 3. This will involve our school community exploring and experiencing a range of themes and associated activities, vital to the development and maintenance of positive wellbeing.

Mr La Roche will be preparing the Yr 6 Leaders to introduce and demonstrate these themes to the rest of the students, in readiness for experiencing special activities designed and proven to enhance wellbeing.

Wk 1 & 2 – Yr 6 preparation.

The following weeks of Term 3 will focus on a different Wellbeing Theme every fortnight:

Wk 3 & 4 – Gratitude

Wk 5 & 6 – Forgiveness

Wk 7 & 8 – Courage

Wk 9 & 10 – Patience & Compassion

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Uniform Shop

We have a number of items available to buy secondhand from our uniform shop which is open on Thursdays between 8.15am to 9.15am

School Lunch orders every Monday and Thursday.

Click here for the School Lunch Online brochure . Please remember to update your child's class for 2020.
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