Ultrasound tech

By: Sapphire Nichols

Does your career go along with your personal interest?

It goes with my personal interest because I like babies.

What type of education do you need to become an Ultrasound tech?

A certificate, associated degree or bachelors degree

The average cost of education

Certificate- $5,000-$25,000

Associates degree- $6,000-$40,000

Bachelors degree- $30,000-$48,000

Why I chose an Ultrasound Tech.

When my mom was pregnant she went to her doctors appointment. When they did the 4-D ultrasound of my brother I was able to go. The technology they used and being able to see this little baby fascinated me. Being able to see how happy my parents were and what joy it seemed to bring the lady who was doing the ultrasound was something I would love to be apart of. The lady that done the ultrasound told us she loved to see parents who are happy to be having a child and not upset because they didn't want the child.
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Salary Range

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Basic jobs

Explain the procedure as well as the program to the patient. Adjust the scanner for the specific procedure. The ultrasound tech can also take a sonogram or a video of the patient. Take still pictures that can later be examined with a closer look.
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  • Sonographers and Ultrasound Technicians are the same thing
  • The field of ultrasound has many different specialties: cardiac, OB/GYN, ophthalmic, vascular, abdominal, breast, interventional, and more.
  • Ultrasound relies on sound waves to produce images of internal organs, soft tissue, and blood vessels, as well as to observe developing fetuses in the womb
  • Approximately 60% of ultrasound technicians work in hospitals, either at a stationary location in a diagnostics area or by conducting mobile ultrasounds at the bedside of patients who cannot be transported
  • Ultrasound technicians spend a lot of time on their feet and on the move
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What surprised you during your research?

I was surprised about how little education you can have to be a Ultrasound Tech.
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The outlook of an ultrasound tech looks great. There will be many jobs open in the future. Ultrasound Tech is not a well known job.
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Would I still want to be an Ultrasound tech?

Yes, the education doesn't take to long. I would love to work with the technology Ultrasound techs use. The pays good. I like to be active and Ultrasound Techs stay on their feet and moving a lot.
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