Attention Students!


Why Study?

While major tests like the SAT and ACT lurking around the corner, studying has a major impact on how you will score. Studying is not just important for tests such as these, but for your core and elective classes as well. Why study for an elective class, though? Well, what if your art teacher unexpectedly starts teaching about different types of techniques and artists who applied them to their famous masterpieces? What if she makes you take notes? Your teacher could be hinting that he/she is going to quiz you to make sure you're understanding that art is more than just drawing, or coming with some pretty creative ideas. Studying is applied to our everyday lives.

Just a few...TIPS!


Paying attention to what you are studying is a great way to memorize info. Choose a

quiet place to study such as a library, or your room. Make sure there are no

distractions such as the TV, your music, your phone, etc.


Schedule time-framed study sessions so that you won't be studying everything in

one big session. Try to make a time-frame such as 30 minutes, or an hour for each

study session.


You can organize pieces of info by grouping similar concepts and terms together,

or make an outline for your notes. You can even use highlighters and pens to group

important key facts from your notes!


A mnemonic device is a strategy used to associate new info with old info. Let's say

you are trying to remember what the formula for centripetal force is. You can make

up a peg system for it. Force made a valued point 2 times today, while radius didn't.

This means that f=mv^2/r, or "force equals mass times velocity squared divided by



Teaching what you're learning to a study partner, friend, or a sibling proves a good

way to recall what you've learned. It could possibly make you feel more confident,

especially if you're teaching it to a younger sibling who is interested in knowing

what you're learning about.

NOTE: These are just a few study tips! The event below will include more study tips!

Study Tips With Dr. Chi (Seminar): Thursday, October 29, 2015!

What's Happenin'?

At 2:00 p.m., a seminar on great study habits and study tips will be held in the school's auditorium on October 29, 2015. Dr. Evette Chi will be the guest speaker of the seminar. It is recommended that junior and seniors attend the seminar, but freshman and sophomores are also welcome. Feel free to ask Dr. Chi any questions during and/or after the seminar. You can bring in writing material to take notes if you would like. Hot chocolate will be served as you walk in! See you there!