Smash Hit Songs of 2013

Top 5

#5: Blurred Lines

This smash hit song was voted song of the summer of 2013. This is the kind of song that had people jumping up in the middle of what they were doing just to jam along with Robin Thicke.

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#4: Royals

Coming in at number four is the popular song Royals by Lorde. Many people felt that they could relate to this song of hope. Can you?

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#3: Mirrors

A sweet and heart - filled song by Justin Timberlake. In this song he pretty much states how he and his partner are alike. Like a reflection in a mirror.

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#2: Still Into You

This is a fun upbeat song with a surprise around every turn! It is fast, it's fun and, most importantly, it's funky!

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#1: Just Give Me a Reason

A sweet and tender love song about not giving up. A pair who felt betrayed by one another still come together in the end through trust. What can be more touching than that?

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