Middle Age Legends.

King John, Joan of arc , William Conqueror

King John

[Importance] King John hated his fathers’ second wife and because of that hate he tried to kill her and his father. Due to the Magna Carter king john agreed not to collect taxes or property with out there consent or paying for the land. The decision was made in fear of his life .[Memorable moments] King John feared that if he did not accept the Magna Carter the people would kill him. King John allowed his soldiers to dress in gay military array because he felt that if they were in colorful clothes they would know who was on the same side. In 1215 a group of powerful nobles ganged up on King John because he made them angry in one of his decisions.Since he accepted the Magna Carter and he had to follow laws just like his subjects.[Biographical info] King John was the youngest of his fathers five sons. His three eldest brothers William , Henry, and Geoffrey died very young .The reason why John inherited the thrown is because his eldest brothers were not in good graces with their father.

William Conqueror

[Biographical info ]William the Conqueror ruled England from 1066 until 1087.William conqueror shaped England’s feudal system so that the king has supreme power not the nobles. William conqueror was actually born as Duke William.[Memorable moments] He changed his name to William conqueror after he defeated England and the Anglo-Saxons. William was the son of Robert the first he was a child of the unmarried his mother was a mistress. William went by duke of Normandy since 1035 under the name of William the second. William took over the throne at the age of 15 .[Importance] William did not establish his power until 1060 but it was not a minute to late. Another name they called him was William the Bastard.

Joan of Arc

[Memorable moments] Joan of arc a survey in England to help keep track of the tax system which is now known as Dooms day. It took her ten months to destroy her enemy Harold but later this would go on to be known as the Battle of Hastings. [Importance] Joan was also known as the Maid of Orleans. She believed that god spoke to her through visions. During the hundreds year war she helped Charles the seventh become king of France. One crime she committed was wearing pants because women were not allowed to wear pants.