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October 15th-19th

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Ring Leader Tidbits

~ I LOVE when I hear of teachers having ideas to help foster relationships with students! Shout out to Stephanie Parrott for taking the time to write postcards and mail home to her students! What a great way to show you care! Thanks, Stephanie!

~ Shout out to 4th grade teachers for keeping exceptional documentation on AWARE. Documentation is key and assists is SO many areas when questions arise about parent communication, discipline, and/or academic concerns. All 3 teachers have been regularly using AWARE and keeping detailed documentation that is being utilized in order to get a student additional help! Great job, and keep up the good work!

~ Evelyn has created a One Note "notebook" that will house and keep track of data as we begin tracking our SLO's using the benchmark assessment system (K-2). Thanks, Evelyn, for working to create a user friendly and fluid document that will assist as we PLC and discuss progress of the students.

~ This Thursday is our Fall Festival. Candy donations have been coming in, and we are so thankful for the parents who have donated. Shannon sent an email today, and for any teachers who donates 2 bags of candy, you will get a jeans pass! I will be out of town on Thursday (out on Friday), so unfortunately I won't be at the festival. I hate to miss it, since it's changing up and we are doing the trick or treating in the halls! Make sure to take pictures and send to me, so I can post them on Facebook.

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School Bulletin

  • The SPED resource position has posted, so if you're aware of any good candidates, please let me know.
  • We also want to wish farewell to Stephanie Tribble in ACES. She is leaving for another job outside of education. We will miss her and wish her ALL the best! That position has also posted, so we will begin interviewing candidates for that as well.
  • Just a reminder that construction is starting on WJ Boaz. It should not affect us in the morning, as it says it's supposed to begin at 8:00. But, since it does not end until 3:00, dismissal traffic might be a concern. Make sure to communicate to your parents about the construction. I sent a remind message this morning as well as posted it on Facebook over the weekend.
  • Red Ribbon Week is right around the corner! Halloween is on that next week, so we will do our storybook character day ON Halloween this year. I will create a flyer to send home, and it will simply be Storybook Character day. So, all students can wear a costume as long as they have a book to go along with it. We want to stress that Halloween costumes will not be allowed, and no masks will be allowed.
  • The schedule for Red Ribbon Week is as follows:
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Elk of the Month Criteria

We are combining Great Expectations character traits as well as areas discussed in Positive Action to guide our Elk of the Month selections. These areas are also the areas that Tammie will be discussing in guidance lessons. They're pretty general, but we think that's what makes you all have some freedom and creativity when selecting the students.

Here is this month's focus:










Thursday, October 18th:

  • Kori off campus (AM)
  • Kathleen off campus (PM)
  • Fall Festival 6:00-7:30 pm

Friday, October 19th:

  • End of 1st Nine Weeks
  • Kori out (personal day- out of town)

Red Ribbon Week THIS WEEK:


Monday, October 22nd:

  • 2nd Grade Reading/SS CLC (AM)
  • 2rd Grade Reading/SS CLC (PM)
  • Wear Red

Tuesday, October 23rd:

  • 5th Grade Math CLC (AM)
  • Tammie off campus
  • Wear mixed up clothes

Wednesday, October 24th:

  • 4th Grade Math CLC (AM)
  • Wear PJ's

Thursday, October 25th:

  • 2nd Grade Math/Sci CLC (AM)
  • Kathleen off campus at meeting
  • Wear 70's or tie-dye

Friday, October 26th:

  • Wear crazy hair
  • Clubs Today (follow clubs schedule)

Tuesday, October 30th:

  • Kg Math/Sci CLC (AM)
  • 1st Grade Math/Sci CLC (PM)
  • Lisa Dunn on Campus to walk classrooms- 11:30 AM

Wednesday, October 31st:

  • Storybook Dress Up Day

Thursday, November 1st:

  • Kori off campus at meeting

Monday, November 5th:

  • Staff Meeting- Reciprocal Teaching PD

Tuesday, November 6th:

  • Vertical Council Meetings (Reading in AM/ Math in PM)

Wednesday, November 7th:

  • Pizza Buffet Spirit Night (all day)

Thursday, November 8th:

  • Kori off campus at meeting
  • Elk Junior Council Meeting after school

Friday, October 9th:

  • Holiday Pictures
  • Dr. Parker on campus for walkthroughs @ 1:00 pm
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