Mahatma Gandhi

By: Carolyn Porter

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His Acomplishments( before Africa)

He was an Indian lawyer and strived t end arguments, and he became the primary leader of the independence movement in india.He wanted to end the issues with non violence. He was raised up and was extremely smart and got several scholarships. He was a hard working man and strived for peace.

HIs significance to the anti Aparthied movement

He helped Nelson Mandela, and he was considered "always considered Mahatma Gandhi as pioneer of apartheid movement in South Africa.." (Mandela), To Mandela Gandhi was seen as a mentor or tutor and learnt several things from Gandhi. he was beileved Mahatma Gandhi was an apostle of Non-Violence," Mandela had told Kalam. he was seen as strong and virtues.
MK Gandhi's Speech (Real un-edited Voice)