Mrs. Stoker's English 2 News

January 2017

What's New

Second semester is off to a smooth start! Even though my overall roster stayed the same, many students transferred to different class periods due to individual scheduling changes. However, I was thrilled to see every student return from break with a great attitude toward working with a new mix of classmates and starting our new unit.

We kicked off this semester with a team-building activity to help students feel comfortable working in new groups ... but in a fun way! The activity is called The Marshmallow Challenge, and it forces students to collaborate with each other and think creatively to solve a problem. I've included more information and a video by Tom Wujec that I think you will really enjoy viewing.

For the remainder of the month, we are focusing on argumentative writing, which is a more persuasive form of writing than the typical essay. We started by sharing our own personal experiences with arguments; then, students analyzed theories about arguments as presented in a TED Talk video I'm sharing with you at the bottom of this newsletter. At this time, students are learning how to construct an argument that is supported by researched evidence and takes into account opposing viewpoints. You can read more about this unit below.

Lastly, students will continue to work on assigned Study Island topics to reinforce skills we use in class and to prepare them for Missouri End-of-Course (EOC) testing after Spring Break.

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I hope you have found this newsletter to be informative. If you ever need to contact me to discuss anything, the best way to reach me immediately is by email at I will respond back via email, or I can call you if you'd like.
Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team
Daniel H. Cohen: For argument's sake