Hidden Children

During the Holocaust

Being a child during the Holocaust was very difficult, There were some children that could pass as non-Jews, but in doing this it meant that they had to get fake identity papers, which was very hard to do. Other children lived in attics or cellars, or if their parents wanted to make sure they lived a good life and not get caught, then lots of times they would give them up for adoption to a family that was German, that way the kid wouldn't look suspicious. Either one of these options would be a difficult way of life.
Fake Identity Link

This is a fake identity of a kid during the Holocaust

"Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?" Anne Frank

This quote relates to my topic because Anne is saying that a lot goes on in her mind and I think this goes for every child of the Holocaust, not just Anne

Hidden Children and the Holocaust at MTSU -- John Koenigsberg
This video relates to my topic because it is about a boy who survived the Holocaust and was a kid when it happened. He explains how hard is life was and what it was like being a kid in the Holocaust.

Interesting Information about Hidden Children

  • The reason kids were sought to be killed was because Hitler was afraid that they would grow up to raise a new generation of Jews, therefore they were one of the main targets.
  • Jewish children were not the only kids to die. 5,000 to 7,000 Romani children were killed.
  • Most children had to live with different families if they wanted a chance of living.
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This graph shows just how many people were killed because of the Holocaust. Over 6 million Jews were killed and over 1 million of them were children.

What impact did hidden children have on the Holocaust?

Hidden children had a huge impact on the Holocaust. If it had not been for survivors then today we might have never known what had happened to the entire population of Jews. A lot of children died during the Holocaust, but the ones that lived are heroes today.