My Fable

Emily Bougher

Mandy Miller and the Art Competition

Mandy Miller had been bragging to her friends for a few months about the art competition she had entered at her school.

"I know I will win," she would say, "Because I am the best artist in the whole school."

Today was the day Mandy would officially know. Every hour seemed to be like 15 hours. Math, reading, science, even writing, which was usually her favorite subject. Right before the assembly, she wore a big smile on her face and told everyone who would listen about what she would be doing with the prize money.

"I'm getting a new iPhone case- it costs $200 and is the best case there is."

Over the loudspeaker, the students were being called down to the assembly. Mandy walked down with her head held high, proudly sporting a smug look. She sat down, and after a short while, it was time for the art contest winner to be announced.

"The winner of Mableton Middle's annual art contest is..."
By this time, Mandy had already stood up.
"Drum roll, please....."
Mandy was halfway to the stage by now.
"Allie Marsh!"
A flush spread across Mandy's cheeks as she slowly walked back to her seat.
"Better luck next year," Mandy's friend whispered as Mandy hung her head. Her parents would be so disappointed.

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