Milton Hershey, the chocholate man.

By Clark Hindman

Milton Hershey, a helper to all

People all over the world today know Milton Hershey and his chocolate. What they don't know is that not only he made chocolate for a living, he helped the country with his skills. He was a role model for all of America, never giving up even when he wasn't successful.


While he rarely wrote or read, and had been forced to leave school early, Hershey was driven to make sure those around him received a great education. His display of wealth was rather modest, if not downright thrifty. His house and the community he'd helped create meant everything to him. When it came to building his own home, he made sure the Hershey Company headquarters was part of the view. Following his wife Catherine's death, Hershey never remarried. In keeping with the work ethic his mother instilled in him, Hershey continued to work well into his 80s. He died in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on October 13, 1945. His legacy as a businessman continues to this day. The Hershey Chocolate Company has endured as one of the world's great candy makers, with brands that include Almond Joy, Mounds, Cadbury, Reese's and Twizzler. He started off at a bad start, but he never gave up. Milton S. Hershey was an inspirational and a helping person in American history and helped everyone, making candy or not. So when you think of Hershey, don't think of just chocolate. Think of all he did to help the world.
Milton S. Hershey