Google Docs

Google Docs in Plain English
Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs

Classroom Integration


Hyperdocs are a great way to go deeper with SAMR and design activities that will help your students explore a topic and show what they know. Watch the video below to learn more or click here to see how other people are using HyperDocs in their classroom. To learn more, do a Google Search for HyperDocs. There are so many resources out there to help you as you start to incorporate Hyperdocs in your classroom.
Transforming Your Google Docs into HyperDocs!

Collaborative Groups

With the share feature built into native Google Apps, students can share a document and collaborate in real-time. Whether you appoint a group leader and they share the document with their group members, or you create the groups ahead of time, you can't go wrong when you build collaboration into your activity.
Sharing within Google