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May Newsletter

Welcome, Parents to our second Young Scholars newsletter. It's hard to believe we are already making our way through the last full month of school. I hope this school year has brought you many happy memories. Looking back, Young Scholars has had a very busy and exciting first year. We've worked hard to begin building a strong and supportive presence in 833. Now that we are nearing the end of May, this will also be our last parent newsletter of the year. However, Young Scholars will be back ready and excited for an amazing year of learning. Enjoy your summer, and we'll see you in September!

This Month in Young Scholars

Different Ways of Thinking

This month, students met some of the residents of Crystal Ponds Woods who are helping us learn more about different ways of thinking. Below are some of our lessons from April and May. See what your Young Scholar can tell you about what they've learned!

Convergent Thinking

Each character in Crystal Ponds Woods loves a different way of thinking. For example, Dudley the Detective and Sybil the Scientist are experts at Convergent Thinking. This month, students followed clues in stories and puzzles and organized information to arrive at creative solutions to problems. Below is an example of what our second grade Young Scholars have been up to. Ask your Young Scholar to help you out!
Big picture
Nichols, Jody, Sally Thomson, Margaret Wolfe, and Dodie Merritt. Primary Education Thinking Skills Curriculum 2. Marion, IL: Pieces of Learning. Print.

Divergent Thinking

This month students also met Isabel the Inventor, a squirrel who knows all about Divergent Thinking. Isabel loves to brainstorm and come up with lots and lots of different ideas to solve problems. For example, Isabel has been helping us see ordinary objects, like bubbles and tools, in very new and creative ways. First grade Young Scholars even invented a way to move Isabel's acorns from the bottom of her tree all the way to the top using everyday items like a fork, a funnel, and balloon! Try inventing something with your Young Scholar!

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Nichols, Jody, Sally Thomson, Margaret Wolfe, and Dodie Merritt. Primary Education Thinking Skills Curriculum 1. Marion, IL: Pieces of Learning. Print.

Check It Out!

Information, Resources and Opportunities for Your Young Scholar

May Resources

  • Each spring the Star Tribune newspaper puts out its Minnesota Summer Camp Guide - a huge list of summer camp opportunities throughout the state.

  • Does your Young Scholar love to build and create? This may be just the place for them! Leonardo's Basement, located in Minneapolis, is described as " a one-of-a-kind creative learning environment for “kids” of all ages to design and build from their imagination." A variety of options are available including summer classes, Saturday experiences, and Legos!

  • Meeting Sybil the Scientist and learning more about convergent thinking this month sparked a lot of interest in exploring science and experiments. Here is a list of some best selling children's science books. However, there are tons of kids' science experiments available online as well. ScienceBob is just one example but there are plenty more out there. Whether from books or online, many offer simple, easy experiments to try at home - just perfect for summer fun!

Young Scholars Will Return!

It has been wonderful to connect with everyone through our Young Scholars Newsletter this spring. We'll be back in the fall ready and eager to get going with more exciting thinking lessons and loads more Young Scholars learning to come. Stayed tuned for our next newsletter in September. In the meantime, have a beautiful and safe summer, and we'll see you soon!

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