Do What You Love Project

by: jocelyn


I picked this picture because music is a big part of who I am. This is interesting to me because I play different instruments and I love hearing music too. Also I like how everyone likes different kinda of music so it shows how everyone is different. Job opportunities: 1. Be a singer/or be in a band 2. Produce music
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I picked pigs because they are my favorite animal. Baby pigs interest me because they are adorable to me.
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I picked art because I like drawing. Art interest me because like music it is a way people express themselves. People also can see art in different ways, it just depends on who they are. There are so many different kinds of art too. Job opportunities : 1. Be an artist 2.Design buildings and other things
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I picked this picture because I want to be a doctor when I grow up. This interesting me because I love the world of medicine. Job opportunities: 1. surgerist 2. nurse
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I picked this picture because I like nature and how it is quiet and peaceful. What interest me about nature is that sometimes it could be breathe-taking.


I chose this because I like to read. Books interest me cause like music and art their are so many different kind. Also not everyone likes the same kind, like music and art. Job opportunities: 1. Author 2. Illustrative artist for books
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I picked this because I like seeing different parts of the world. What interest me of traveling is that every part of the world is different.
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I picked this picture because it's like a whole different world underwater. Underwater is interesting to me because there is so many different kinds of things there and we haven't even discovered most of the underwater world.
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I chose this picture because it's amazing how there is something beyond the clouds we see. The planets are interesting to me because many few people have ever seen them and they would be interesting to see.
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I picked this because I like taking pictures. Photography interest me because you get to take pictures of things that are interest you or worth capturing. The pictures you take can also bring back memories. Job opportunities: 1.professional photographer 2. Buy and sell cameras
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I chose this picture because Christmas is my favorite holiday. This interest me because it's not just about the presents it is also about spending time with family.
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I picked this picture because baking is fun to do. Baking interest me because there is many different things to bake. You can also share your baking goods with your family and friends. Job opportunities: Be a cook 2. Own a bakery
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