The Total Totaliaranism

By Harsha Pandaraboyina

The Total Totalitarianism

By Harsha Pandaraboyina

Big Brother is always watching you

Any sound made would be picked up

No escape except the cubic centimeters inside your skull

They say Ignorance is Strength; War is Peace; and Freedom is Slavery


The act of believing something is true and untrue at the same time

The masses all use doublethink

They use either yes or no depending on what the party(people in power) want

They believe the party because that is where all knowledge comes from

The party takes anyone who does not listen and tortures them until they do

The party can make any lie true and any truth a lie

The masses use ignorance to give the part strength

War has changed

No one can win wars know

The essential act of war is destruction of materials

These materials if used by the masses could make them too comfortable

And too intelligent which means a possible rebellion against the party

If materials are wasted in War then rebellions can not occur

Freedom is hard

The party says that too many responsibilities come with freedom

Freedom brings the need to get your own things

Instead choose slavery so the party can give you those things(barely)

The masses work so they can get their measly things

They also think the party is really nice

If they do not work they will be tortured until they do

Freedom from the party makes it so you are in “slavery like” conditions

Let’s not

From George Orwell’s 1984