Sony 4K HDR

Get the Picture Clarity of HDR TVs

The television industry was transformed forever when the HDR technology was developed. This technology was applied to television sets and TVs have not been the same ever since. The HDR technology that is employed in a television set is very different from the HDR technology which is used in a mobile phone. Most people make a mistake and think that the HDR technology is the same thing as HD or high definition technology. HD TVs are very different from HDR TVs.The high definition or HD tagis related to the picture quality which the TV will have and it means that the TV will have a picture resolution of 1080p. On the other hand the term HDR stands for high dynamic range and if a TV is HDR then that means that the contrast and color of any of the pictures which appear on the screen will be of a superior quality.

The Sony 4K HDR TV

A HDR TV will offer you pictures with a more dynamic look. This technology ensures that any picture on the television screen will have wider and richer colors than any HD TV screen. In the Sony 4K HDR TV you can enjoy the great HDR technology and the great 4K picture quality as well.

Sony KD55XD9305BAEP: Ultraflacher 4K HDR-Fernseher mit Android TV (Partnerinhalt)