Anna Marie Dance Studio

Fall 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to another fantastic year of dancing at The Anna Marie Dance Studio! We are thrilled to have you with us for our 68th year! Our newsletters will be emailed and paper copies will only be distributed if you request to receive a monthly hardcopy by contacting the office.

TUITION - All payments are due by the 10th of the month. We will be charging a $15 late fee for any payments received after the 15th of the month. We now accepting Credit Cards (3% surcharge) You can use them in the office or set up auto pay through your portal!

PARENT PORTAL - Parents are be able to access their AMDS account online. Get the latest news, account balance, update your contact information along with the ability to access student calendars & view absences.

WAITING ROOM - Please use our waiting room seating area on the first floor when you stay during a class session. The area on the second floor is for our students only and allows them an area for eating and doing homework. Please do not wait in the hallways with siblings as they need to remain clear for dancers to enter each studio. We ask you to keep the volume down in this area.

PARKING - Please do not exit your vehicle unless using a parking space when waiting for your dancer and avoid blocking in other cars or blocking the entrance to the parking lot. If needed please park on the side street if the lot is full but be sure not to park in front of any driveway or on anyone’s lawn.

DRESS CODE - Your child should be in proper dance attire for all classes. Shorts, t-shirts, and improper footwear are not allowed. Please be sure that all clothing and shoes are labeled with your child’s name.

REMIND 101 APP - To receive important studio reminders (e.g. - rehearsal schedule changes, inclement weather notifications, etc.) via text or email, please send a text message with the appropriate code(s) below to 81010

- General Studio reminders enter class code @ANNAMA

- Nutcracker reminders enter class code @HHOLIDAYS

- Dancers Unlimited (Company) reminders enter class code @DUCOMPANY

Happy Holiday CAST - Please read your schedule carefully and do not miss rehearsals.

EMAIL ADDRESS - If you have not already provided an email address to receive your newsletter electronically please see us in the main office or email to be added to the distribution list. All addresses will be kept confidential.

RECITAL COSTUMES - Children will be measured for their recital costumes starting in October. It is important for us to know which recital numbers each dancer intends to perform in during the recital. Adult Size costumes are $90 each and Child Size costumes are $80. A costume deposit of $50 per costume is due by November 30th. Costume balances will be due by January 31st.

You will receive your child’s “recital confirmation form” by November 1st via email. Please print and mark a yes/no next to each class or reply via email confirming which classes your student will be participating in for the 2018 spring recital. This is your opportunity to make sure all classes are listed properly to ensure correct costume delivery. Please return your student’s costume confirmation form as soon as possible to ensure all costumes are ordered correctly. Confirmation will be due no later than Saturday November 15th.

AMDS/HOLIDAY MERCHANDISE - AMDS and Holiday Merchandise will be available for order in coming month

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! - The studio will be closed for Halloween on Thursday, October 31st, 2019. (Make up classes are available due to this closure)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - The studio will be closed for Thanksgiving from Wednesday, November 27, 2019 through Sunday, December 1, 2019. There are no rehearsals or classes on those days. (Make up classes are available due to this closure)

Thank you for your attention to all of the above matters! We are looking forward to a great year of dance!

With warm regards,

The Anna Marie Dance Studio Staff