Looking for a place to study?

The EMU is open until 3:00 am!


Late Night Access Project

Monday, Nov. 26th 2012 at 11:30pm

1228 University Street

Eugene, OR

Starting Monday of Dead Week (week 10)

Are you tired of competing for study space in the library?

Each year enrollment at the University of Oregon increases substantially, and students are struggling to find quiet places to study. The ASUO has been working to find the best alternative study spots and we are proud to announce that the EMU will be open until 3:00 am for dead week & finals week! The EMU has a number of different areas that are perfect for students to study alone or with a group, and we will be providing coffee and even pizza on certain nights. Come study with us at the EMU!


Open until 3:00 am on the following dates:

Dead Week

(Monday September 26th - Thursday September 29th)

Finals Week

(Sunday December 2nd - Tuesday December 4th)

Brought to you by the ASUO, your student government.

Special thanks to the President Gottferdson, Ducks after Dark, and UO Food Services!