The Function Of Fluids

In Humans & Vehicles


Fluids, along with many vast substances, have a very important hand in assisting and maintaining the precise function and operation of many machines. Both an automobile and the human body consist of several systems that work cohesively to create life and movement. These systems need to have the proper fluids to aid itself, whether it is using the fluids as a mean of transportation, to protect itself, or for waste mangement.


Air Bags | CerebroSpinal Fluid

Air Bags: When an accident takes place, air is rapidly injected into the airbag to cushion the passenger from impact with the vehicle that surrounds him or her.|CerebroSpinal Fluid: This clear liquid is somewhat like the Synovial Fluids in the sense that they both cushion impacts. The CerebroSpinal Fluid function is to repress impacts with the brain and the skull when jolted or hit. Also, the brain and the CerebroSpinal Fluid exists in neutral buoyancy, if they did not blood supply would of been cut off killing neurons and furtherly impairing the body.

Locks | Vitreous Humours

Locks: This system helps secure and protect the car and the passengers.|Vitreous Humours is a transparent jelly-like coating that surrounds the eye and helps keep the retina in place. It acts as a suspension for the lens and prevents from certain eye dieseases. It can have a viscosity two to four times of that of pure water.


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Battery Acid | Intracellular Fluid

Battery Acid: Helps power components of the car using electro-chemical energy.


Intracellular Fluid: like Battery Fluid contains large amounts positively charged ions which make it possible for it to be used as a medium in which Electro-Chemical messages are sent through the body to repair and revive cells.

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Gasoline | Gastric Acid

Gasoline: This nutrient that is used to power the car by ignition it to release heat energy.


Gastric Acid: As well as Digestive Enzymes is used the body to break down foods such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins which is then converted into energy which the body is able to use to for many tasks. The hydrochloric acid present in Gastric Acids also helps turn the solid food into a liquid that makes digestion possible.

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