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Hypertension. Hypertension is caused by high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the body's’ tissues. As blood flows through the arteries, it pushes against the inside of the artery walls. If more pressure, of the blood, exerts on the artery walls, the higher the blood pressure gets. Hypertension is most common is 65 or older, men and women. In some cases it can be diagnosed in a child. If this is the case, then it will have to be treated immediately. If untreated Hypertension can cause dreadful injury or rarely, death.

Ten Facts

  1. Hypertension is high blood pressure.

  2. As blood flows through the arteries, it pushes against the inside of the artery walls. If more pressure of the blood exerts on the artery walls, the higher the blood pressure gets.

  3. The arteries size also affects the blood pressure.

  4. If a child has hypertension it is serious. This is because it may cause heart disease, stroke or other medical problems.

  5. Children with hypertension can have blood pressure checks or it as soon as it’s diagnosed.

  6. If untreated;

  • heart attack

  • stroke

  • enlarged heart and heart failure

  • kidney damage or kidney failure

  • blindness

  • etc.

  1. 5–10 percent of children have hypertension, and one in four adults (about 50 million) have hypertension

  2. Almost 30 percent of people who have hypertension, do not know they have it.

  3. Hypertension is mostly common to men and women 65 and over.

  4. It is a condition that is more common than cancer, diabetes and coronary artery disease combined.

Five Ways Someone Can Do to Maintain or Improve Their Health

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.-People who are overweight should try to lose a few pounds, people who are of normal weight should avoid putting on pounds. This is because people can obtain high blood pressure when they are exhausted or have just ran.

  2. Eat a balanced diet.-Eating healthy can help you keep your blood pressure under control. Limit the amount of sugar, calories and fat you gain. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and keep track of what you eat.

  3. Try not to consume salt.-For a various amount of people low-sodium diets can help maintain and keep your blood pressure normal. The more sodium consumption, the higher your blood pressure.

  4. Exercise regularly.-The more exercise you receive the more control you have on your blood pressure. 30 mins. of exercise three times a day, each week, is a good start.

  5. Limit the alcohol (you may or may not).-Consuming too much alcohol can lead to high blood pressure. For a man or women, one cup a day is bad.

And monitor your blood pressure.-High blood pressure often occurs without any sign or symptom. So you will want to keep track of what your blood pressure is in order to know if it is rising or lowering.


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By: Samantha

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