December News

Mme Inions' classroom

A Big Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming into the classroom and celebrating your child's growth and progress. It was wonderful to have a chance to sit down with all families and share successes and ways to encourage further academic and social emotional growth.

Again, thank you all very much for taking time out of your busy schedules; it was greatly appreciated.

Please be sure to enjoy looking through your child's portfolio. If possible, please return the portfolio by December 8th.

Learning Update

We are busy with so much in the classroom right now. Christmas cheer is here and we have a very busy month ahead.

In French language arts, we are currently working on descriptive writing. Students are working on adding more detail to their work, including an introduction and a conclusion to their writing pieces and they will also be focusing on using adjectives. We have already worked on describing our best friend in the class. It was great fun and I look forward to using this style of writing as students will be describing their Christmas trees from home! Please feel free to take a picture of your tree and email it to your child as a reference for their writing.

In English, we will be wrapping up our Jan Brett author study. We will continue to read her books and study her use of borders, animal characters, and references to her travels that have inspired her stories! Students will also have the opportunity to write their very own story inspired by the great Jan Brett.

In science, we are beginning our unit of hearing and sound. Students will be learning about the ear and how it works. We will have the opportunity to experiment with tuning forks, talk to musicians about pitch and even build an instrument at home! It is always so much fun to see what the kids come up with; I am really looking forward to this.

In social studies, we continue to discuss the quality of life in different parts of the world. We have recognized that school, family, culture and traditions, speaking your language, health (medical care) and much more contribute to our quality of life. Students have also had the opportunity to watch a documentary called "On My Way To School" which has been very eye opening. Ask your child what they learned from this film. We will be moving onto Christmas celebrations around the world next week.

In Math, we continue to work with numbers to 1000. We are currently ordering numbers, working on place value and starting to estimate, add and subtract to 1000. Students continue to work on their math facts (adding and subtracting to 18). Please feel free to have your child teach you a few of the math games that we play in the classroom.

Some Great Art

Special Activites

December is always fun. I have several activities planned that I would appreciate having an extra set of hands (and eyes!) to help. Please let me know if you are interested and able to help out with any of the following activities:

December 11th: Christmas Crafts

December 17th: Ginger Bread Houses (1 p.m.)

December 18th: Christmas party in the classroom

Please watch for more details regarding these activities. I will be sending out the times and sign ups shortly :)

Christmas Concert

Our Grade 3 concert is December 14th. Door open at 6 and the concert will begin at 6:30.

Please note that parent council will be organizing a bake sale and will have tickets for sale for first row seating.

If you'd like to contribute to the bake sale, please be sure to drop off your goodies on a disposable plate by 3:30 the night of the concert.

Happy holidays!