Glass Class: Real Life Addition

Maddie Swann

Mental Health Conditions

When reading the Mental Health conditions article I would most likely diagnose the mother, Rose Mary, with Bipolar Disorder. she had various mood swings from day to day and even in between hours and events. going from happy, sad, confused, angry, or just not into what's going on at all.

Civil Disobedience

The article civil disobedience reminded me of how Rex Walls lived his life and how he never stayed anywhere if the cops got involved. Even with the hospital he wouldn't want to pay so he would check-out "Rex Walls Style" by running out of the hospital with who ever and not get charged for it. Or by failing to pay taxes also but he would tell his kids the reason for moving around a lot was because he was being chased by the FBI.

Alcohol Effect

Erma, Rex Walls mother, was an alcoholic. taking big gulps from her canteen while making dinner or while reprimanding the kids. " collective mind is assuming the family possesses a collective mind.

Homeless Emergency Act

if the homelessness act was intact while Rose Mary and Rex, had to move around in cars, and slept under the stars with no roof. it would've helped a lot by giving them a benefit of a doubt to have a better future or living style.

Parental Rights

this applies to jeannetes parents because at many times the children should've been token away and taken to child services. but they where not because they couldn't keep track of the family all though one time in welch they did get a visit but they never came back

School Attendance Laws

the parents usually failed miserably at getting there kids the proper education. but at times they did go to school but did not stay in the same school for very long because of there constant moving the longest school system that had ever stayed in was the one in welch where jeannete, Brian , Lori, and Maureen had graduated from. at times they didn't even move with the proper credentials to be able to go to school but they would swindle there way in by persuading the principal or something.