BY:Brianna & Noelle

Country & Location ...

Our Ethnic group we decided to do is Gresbo..... Also known as the "Leaping Monkey People". The Gresbo people are located in Liberia....They speak traditional African home language.

Religion and Food

Gresbo people believe in general tradition....Which are oral more than spiritual they believe in use of magic , Supreme Creator and traditional medicines. One food they enjoy eating is bunny chow. Bunny Chow is a dish a piece of white bread filled with hot curry.

Size of Ethnic group and Living Arrangements

As of 2011 there were 48,300 people in the Gresbo . The Gresbo people live in a urban area they live in village like settings.

Clothing and Customes

As far as customes they believe in wearing mask that bring up the spirits. They wear long dresses worn off the shoulder for men and the woman wear big head wraps and either a dres or 2 piece outfit.

History of the group

1.Grebo believes in the sacrifice of animals

2.The supreme God is praised through consultation
3.They do casting with bone, stones, strips of leather and flat wood pieces.