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German, ELA 9, and Reading Acceleration at LOHS

A Short Note of Immeasurable Gratitude

This week has been quite memorable! If your child is in one of my Semester 2 classes, stay tuned for an in-classroom recap this weekend!

On Wednesday morning, I was overwhelmingly surprised in front of my parents, husband, children, and colleagues when I was recognized as the Lake Orion High School Teacher of the Year. I got the chance to thank my family for their support and my colleagues for inspiring me each day. I also got the chance to thank some of the students who are currently in my classes, but I didn't get the chance to thank all of you.

So, I'm sending this note to let you know that I feel so grateful to spend my days teaching your children, learning from your children, and laughing with your children. When I look individually and collectively at the faces in my classroom each day, I have so much hope for the future. Thank you for allowing me to play a small part in the education of your children!
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