4th Grade Updates!

January 5-8, 2016

Snapshot of our Week in 4th Grade

Monday - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday - HOMEWORK starts today! Please see the homework expectations and guidelines below. NO TUTORING this week!

Wednesday - Homework is due FRIDAY!

Thursday - Homework is Due FRIDAY! - Thursday folders come home! If you sign the THURSDAY FOLDER and the PLANNER, your kiddo gets 2 DOJO POINTS! Be sure to check the Class DOJO point sheet in your student's binder!

Report Cards go HOME today!

Friday - Homework is DUE TODAY!

Mrs. Pratt's Reading Riches!

This week in Reading class, we are going to be reviewing the Text Structure - Cause and Effect! The Scholastic News issue this week is titled, "Help for Honeybees!" - Your child can access this Scholastic magazine online at www.scholastic.com/sn4. They will select "student" and use the password: coyotes444

We are continuing STATIONS this week and will wrap them up by this Friday!

Make sure you talk with your families about how many books have been read since the first day of school! I am really trying to instill a community of WILD readers and inspire your kids to want to fall in love with the worlds that are available to them through text in a book. The reading requirement this year is 40 books! THEY CAN do this! I guarantee that can do this and even go further than this! Help me encourage your children at home!

We are practicing MAKING CONNECTIONS while we read. Please help us by talking to your kiddo about what they are reading and helping them to make connections through each of the following types:

1. Text-to-Text

2. Text-to-Self

3. Text-to-World

4. Text-to-Media

Our Week in Math with Mrs. Robinson

This week we are reviewing our Geometry unit, which includes types of lines and types of angles. Ask your student to show you intersecting lines, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines. See if they can show you an acute angle, a right angle, an obtuse angle, and a straight angle! We also are learning about complementary and supplementary angles.

Next week we will be starting our work on fractions. Please keep practicing multiplication and division skills outside of school to keep your student sharp!

Mrs. Crane's Week in Writing!

This week in Writing we will continue working with the expository pillar. The pillar was introduced a couple of weeks before the break, so I am sure we will need to spend some time reviewing!

We are going to focus on how to write "Broad Yet Distinct" main ideas and how to come up with relevant details for each main idea. We hope to begin writing a class expository in a couple of weeks!

Revising and editing homework will begin coming home this week. Students need to use their strategies we have worked through in class. Remind them to write "blurbs" for each paragraph, underline the sentence the question is asking about, and eliminate incorrect answer choices.

We will not begin a new spelling unit until next week!!

What in the World is Happening in Social Studies!?

This week we are continuing our lesson on why Spanish Explorers came to Texas! There will be a short quiz on Friday to ensure mastery of this concept!



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