Egypt's Geography

By: Taniangely Rosario

The Nile River

The Nile, the most beautiful river in my eyes. The Nile is known for being an Egyptian river, and is approximately 4,000 miles from East Africa to the Mediterranean. Three rivers flowed into the Nile from he south and thus served as it's sources: the Blue Nile, the White Nile, and the Arbara. Southern Egypt, being upstream, is called Upper Egypt, and northern Egypt, being downstream and the Delts, is called Lower Egypt. In addition to the Valley and the Delta, the Nile also divided Egypt into the Eastern and Western Deserts. The Nile is very beautiful, but can be very dangerous. The Nile, over all, is the main thing Egypt can't live without.

The Nile River Cataracts

The Nile River Cataracts are very dangerous, they have killed many Egyptians. Cataracts are big body's of water like waterfalls. The good thing about the Cataracts are that they protected the Egyptians from enemy's attacking by ship because the waters are so dangerous to travel through. The Cataracts were harmful to the Egypt, though, because Egyptians could not travel through them either because of the fast moving waters. The Nile River has six main Cataracts. The Nile River Cataracts, over all, are very dangerous and can't be traveled through.

Taniangely Rosario

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