The War of 1812

There was no actual winner tbh

Causes of the war

1.) Impressment continues >British Blockade

2.) Native American attacks frontier >British supported the idea, dang them Brits

3.) Battle of Tippecanoe - General William Henry Harrison defeats confederacy

4.) WAR HAWKS; supporters of war against Britain >Establish American Honor


-STOP NATIVE AMERICANS - like Tecumseh or something -

Battle regions

1.) Invasion of Canada >FAILURE

2.) Naval Battles "old Ironsides" >Sinks British ships- Their blockade is still a problem .

3.) Chesapeake Campaign >Burn down important buildings, such as the White House. >Francis Scott Key - Star Spangled Banner

4.) Southern Campaign [Andrew Jackson] >Battle of Horseshoe Bend & Battle of New Orleans

So there's actually a good bit of EFFECTS

1.) Americans gain world wide respect (gasp)

2.) America recognizes Canada as peaceful bro- neIGHBOR

3.) Federalist look bad because of Hartford convention haha

4.) Native Americans lose power

5.) BRITISH BLOCKADE is a cockblock

6.) New war heros arise (Avengers maybe?) and are interested in politics

7.) Nationalism is an effect of the war as well