The Fault in our Stars

John Green


Hazel Grace has cancer inside her body and her lungs don't work very well. Hazel is in Support Group one day when the new boy catches her eye. Soon enough, she and Augustus become friends and talk to each other about Hazel's favorite book which they obsess about the unsolved ending. Augustus is able to get through to the author and when Hazel emails him, he invites her to come to Amsterdam to discuss the ending of the book. So Augustus surprises Hazel by telling her that he still has his wish, and he'd happily use it to take her to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten. Eventually, they are able to take off into Amsterdam and meet the author. Although he was different then expected, he's a mean drunk and doesn't answer any of Hazel's questions about the ending. When they return home, Augustus explains that his cancer is back and he's deteriorating which means he might not have much time left. When he dies, Hazel is filled with a lot of grief. At his funeral, she delivers a eulogy to his parents who are the ones suffering now not Augustus. Peter Van Houten is also able to make it there and he and Hazel talk, which soon helps her figure out that he wrote the book for his daughter who died of cancer. At the very end, she learns that Augustus wrote her a eulogy, which says that he hopes she's happy with the choices she made.