San Luis Rey De Francia

Vianney Andrade 2016

Mission History

Mission San Luis Rey De Francia was built in June 13,1798. This mission is number 18. Native Americans and Neophytes built the mission. Father Lasuenis the founder of the mission. 2,869 people lived at the mission. 1865 mission buildings returned to Catholic Church. 1846 occupied by U.S. army troops. 1834 mission taken from the Catholic Church and sold. 1815-30 construction of new buildings. 1815 official dedication of new church. 1811 work began on a larger church. 1802 first adobe church built. The location was in a broad valley between San Diego de alcala and San Juan.

Daily Life

Priests, soldiers and young native women lived there. Indians worked in the fields, planting, milked cows. Boys kept the animals away from the crops. Girls were thought to weave. Neophytes worked at work shops, made shoes, wove clothes and pressed oil from olives. Indians, men, women and children did the jobs. Wheat, vegetables, vine yards, orange trees and groves of olive. Indians and Neophytes attended school. There was a church. At the morning there was church school, then they ate breakfast fast, then went to work. At noon they ate lunch and had 2 hour siesta. At the evening they went to work.

Mission Today

The mission is open today. It serves as a parish church and a religious retreat center. It has a museum, it also has a cemetery.


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